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Commander Echo Base Kit
Commander Echo Console

Commander Echo Base Kit

Your Price: $595.00
Part Number:CM300
  • CE Mark:Yes, this is a CE Marked product

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Required Instruments
Dual Inclinometry [+$995.00]
Static Force Gauge [+$1,495.00]
Pinch Gauge [+$795.00]
Goniometry [+$895.00]
Algometry [+$895.00]
Grip Guage [+$895.00]
Muscle Tester [+$795.00]
I already have instruments
Note: Commander Echo Instruments required but sold separately.

Commander Echo is a wireless portable evaluation system bringing advanced levels of sophistication and versatility to outcome assessment equipment. It is a modular system providing the ability to purchase only what you need and the option to add on later.

The Commander Echo Console Is the heart of the system and the core of the base kit. Only a single console is required to record data for up to 7 different instruments. The console automatically collects data, stores results, computes statistics and automatically prompts for the next test when testing in a series. The Commander Echo Console has test selection options, the ability to delete unwanted information, and more with a simple joystick operation.
Includes the following: Power Supply and Micro USB daisy chain power cable, Trial version of Commander Echo Downloader, USB to Micro USB cable.

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